How You Can Regain your Energy While Living with Lupus

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Being diagnosed with any chronic illness can be a struggle. You experience the symptoms many times, long before finding out what is really the cause. Lupus is no different. As I have learned in my research, Lupus can bring on joint aching, fever (higher than 100 F), fatigue, shortness of breath, skin rash and even fluid accumulation. If you are thinking like me, these symptoms can be found with many other acute illnesses, so it can’t be easy to discover Lupus is the cause by self-diagnosis. Lupus is an autoimmune disease and the disease destroys healthy tissue. Besides taking medications, it seems there are some fitness regimens that can also help.

Strength training and/or regular exercise can be used to not only give you more energy, as it does for even the healthiest of individuals, but also help you to discover a better quality of life with Lupus. The improved circulation, through regular exercise, can help ease the joint aches and prevent the fluid accumulation sufferers experience. Increased range of motion through exercise will also help manage these symptoms. Advocates of good health and fitness will always tell you that nutrition is also important to maintain balance and control inflammation. Bottom line is fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and moderate amounts of protein will sustain your new life requirements.

Find a program that can satisfy both your exercise and nutritional needs. There are great resources to tap into to receive detailed information on what to expect with Lupus and how to limit the effects it has on the lifestyle you are used to. The Lupus Foundation of America, Inc. also sponsors the Pump Up the Purple for Lupus and is a National Resource Center for Lupus sufferers. Wear our purple for support and find other ways you can support in the research of Lupus during May, Lupus Awareness Month.


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